Dead Land Scream Park

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Dead Land SCREAM Park - 4 Attractions!


7040 Murfreesboro Road • Lebanon, TN
Dead Land Scream Park

Site Name

Dead Land SCREAM Park


Now with FOUR Attractions!


New SCARES & New HORRORS - Redesigned for 2016!


Open 7PM to 12 Midnight • Fridays & Saturdays
2017 Schedule: September 14th - November 4th

The Puzzle Rooms

The Puzzle Rooms

freakoutThe Boiler Room

The news have recently reported a string of missing children cases. While police have few leads, evidence points to a local custodial engineer at a local school. You and your team will have only a few minutes to gather evidence to build a case.
Once the team enters, they quickly realize it’s a trap. They will have to quickly find the secret method of escaping the janitor’s boiler room hideaway before he expands his repertoire to adult victims as well.

The Ring Master’s Room

You have been caught trespassing on the Circus’ property after hours. The sadistic ringmaster has you locked in his dressing room and will be returning shortly. You must somehow convince him that you belong on the property. Perhaps knowing who the next side show act headlining next season will do the trick? You better hurry though, unless you want to find out how sadistic the Ringmaster really is!

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